Michael Parducci

Social Software

Professor Tusman


Tilder Server Community

One of the sites that I decided to join is Ctrl-C Club. It is a Linux server offering free web accounts to SSH to users who want to chat online, learn Linux, build webpages or fiddle around writing software. Some of the people that are in this club are ~cenalene, ~lovetocode999, ~nttp. Each of these users talk about themselves, what their interests are, and why they join this club. Even though they don’t all say what year they join, the users on the top are the most recent. The users and this site have been around since 2021. The way that you are invited into the space is that you must click on join us here and put in your email address, username and your SSH public key.

This could be similar to our tilde server because we write about our interests, info about us and sometimes they might not have info because they could be starting a new site just like we are. The difference between using a platform and our computer system is that the platform can be seen by everyone that goes to the site and our computer system can only be seen by us unless we made a change that would make everyone see it. Another difference is that this site shows the population/users on the site immediately without using a certain code on our computer system. The platform would show every awesome thing they did even if they’re logged out and our computer system would too but you need to finger that user to see their code.