Michael Parducci


Social Software

Professor Tusman

Analysis of Togethernet

Togethernet is known to be an open-source software that invites 10 or less participants in groups to build community archives through practices of consent. The main purpose of togethernet is to transform digital rights policies into an embodied practice through user experience and reimagining software infrastructure. It can be used to create communities and share your interests to meet people with the same similarities. The way togethernet functions is by having two modes of communication that are known as the Ephemeral channel and the Archival channel. The Ephemeral channel is where you and your team communicate, where messages are stored inside the browsers and once the last participant in the room leaves messages that weren’t archived will be permanently deleted. The Archival channel helps display messages that you and your team have archived and it gives you the ability to download the notes that you made in the meeting as an HTML file.

What I find about togethernet interesting is while it is like Facebook it’s more focused on digital rights and that it invites users to contribute source codes and guidelines to create tools that reflect the needs of the user. I also like how we can communicate with others, share our interests and if there is any one who isn’t being good they get kicked off the site immediately. Even though Togethernet isn’t a big site like Facebook I still consider giving it a try because it’s a friendly site and it does practices that reimagine user experience and software architecture. You can connect with people online, share your interests, your goals, you can join a group that you're interested in that shares your goals and no one judges you. If I were to make some alterations on this software, I would want a profile picture so instead of just seeing the name I can see the picture of the person I’m working with so I know I’m not working with a blank screen. Another alteration I would make is instead of having two channels, there would be one that way it would be easier to remember instead of going to one channel where you display messages that are temporarily stored and the other where they’re archived.