Michael Parducci


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Professor Tusman

Project Repo

The project that I’m sharing is called Writing Poetry. This project talks about what poetry is, my interests in poetry, and how to write a poem. It also, talks a about how long I’ve done poetry and to show them my experience with it. I wanted to show this project to the world because I’ve recently taken an interest in poetry and I have been trying to write some myself and I want the world to give me their thoughts on it. People can also write their own poems on my site if they want to show me how to improve myself or if they just want to post them. I really look forward to improving my writing with poetry and hearing people’s thoughts.

I selected the MIT License because it’s a short and simple permissive license that’s only condition is license and copyright notice. It also gives users permission to reuse code for any purpose and let’s you do almost anything you want with your project like distributing closed source versions. The reason I didn’t choose other license such as Apache, OpenBSD, or WordPress because I wanted to my project to be simple and permissive and I want to choose my own license instead of what the community prefers. The MIT can help distribute closed source versions while other licenses can’t and can do almost anything. This license supports my goals for my project because my project isn’t complicated it’s just about writing poetry and giving your thoughts on it. I just want my project to be straightforward and liberal and the MIT license is the license to help me with my project.