Michael Parducci


Social Software

Professor Tusman


The way that I view Gemni is that it’s a project that has alot of codes, applications and links, and has the ability to download codes. I also see it as a way to download my codes to this site for the world to see and for people to give me feedback on them. Gemini is known to be an internet communication protocol that can access remote documents and is similar to Gopher and Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The purpose of Gemini is to exchange hypertext documents as long as the web browser can understand it. It can also function as a request-response protocol for hypertext documents in the client server. The way that decisions are made in Gemini based on how it forms and evolves is that it strives for maximum power to weight ratio and takes user privacy very seriously due to it being a new internet protocol. They also identify binary content using Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) instead of badly outdated item types and can distinguish successful transactions from failed ones. Some of the highlights are that they are simple and easy to use. I like how you can write any type of post that you want on these gemlogs and you can send links to your instagram, twitter, facebook and more so everyone will know who you are. I also like how the gemlogs such as e-worm can check your most recent post and how they show their top users which they call all the homies. I do believe it to be a good alternative internet because we could write down our posts, writed down codes, and formulate our opinions as long as we don’t bully anyone there. While it’s not as popular as some other alternative internet such as github I do believe you should try out Gemini and see what you think.